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Oct 18, 2018

Mike asks Chris to explain the ridiculous Edmonton Oilers world tour to start the season. Plus: News and notes from around the NHL, and what’s the best way to protect a lead?

Oct 17, 2018

Mike & Chris blitz the NFL with their thoughts on everything happening around the league. Plus: What man can’t throw a ball?

Oct 16, 2018

Chris talks about the one thing he doesn’t like about Las Vegas. Mike takes the American Ryder Cup team to the woodshed. Plus: Tons of news and notes from around the UFC, including Conor vs Khabib, DC vs the Beast, and Jon Jones gets credit for time served.

Sep 28, 2018

Mike & Chris discuss Brian Gionta’s retirement, Old Dominion’s upset, and LeBron tempering expectations in Los Angeles. Plus: More debate about the NHL’s toughest division.

Sep 27, 2018

Mike & Chris discuss Seattle moving closer to finally getting an NHL team. Plus: Max Domi and Le’Veon Bell make questionable decisions.