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Apr 28, 2018

Mike goes off on social media exacerbating the difficulties associated with coming of age. Chris tells Mike about another award Colin Kaepernick has just won. Plus: Do the Green Bay Packers have the toughest NFL schedule this year? And who are the top 5 players in Major League Baseball?

Apr 26, 2018

Mike asks Chris if Sidney Crosby has surpassed Mario Lemieux as the greatest Pittsburgh Penguin of all time. Plus: Norris Trophy candidates, the LA Kings’ embarrassing postseason, the Philadelphia 76ers’ rebuild, and a pandemic of owner impatience on the horizon.

Apr 25, 2018

Mike looks at Oakland’s challenges with their stadium situation and baseball parity. Chris looks at Chris Pronger’s time with the Oilers. Plus: Darryl Sutter, Bill Peters, Tom Dundon, Yogi Berra, Brian Burke, Kevin Lowe, and Cactus Cut Potatoes.

Apr 24, 2018

Mike makes fun of Jose Bautista. Chris doubts Matt Serra’s hall-of-fame credentials. Plus: Will Arizona ever be a successful hockey market?

Apr 24, 2018

Mike & Chris look at the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft. Plus: Are you as excited as Mike that Nikki Bella is single?